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Successful Innovation: The Philosophy of Creativity


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Innovation is defined as "the profitable implementation of strategic creativity"  (Dundon 2002, 6).  It involves:  1) creativity, the discovery of a new idea; 2) strategy, the determining whether it is new and useful; 3) implementation, the putting of the new and useful idea into action; and 4) profitability, the maximizing the added value from the implementation of this new and useful idea (Dundon 2002, 5-6).  So the Innovation Process is a structured and crossfunctional business process for the development of products and services from idea to market (Borealis 2005).  Rapid innovation requires an effective creative process where the rhythm of search and selection, exploration, systhesis, cycles of divergent thinking followed by convergence (Kotelnikov 2005). 
Innovation has changed civilization from principally agricultural, to recently industrial, to a service oriented community, and finally to communication community.  Peter Druker notes, "Every organization, not just business, needs one core competence, innovation" (Druker 1999, 49).
Philosophy is the science of all things according to their ultimate causes, considered by natural reason.  Two departments of philosophy that study empirical science are epistemology and metaphysics. 

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