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Successful Innovation: The Philosophy of Creativity

Innovation News


Innovation is the driver for building the modern world.  (Borealis 2005)
Culture, society and economics have all changed.  (Bottom Line 2005)
Change has occured at an ever faster pace.  (Kotelnikov 2005)
This change has proved desirable in many quarters.  (Kotelnikov 2005)

Innovation is at the heart of sustainable growth, the goal of modern society, the lifeblood of most organizations, and the core of many companies.  Although the key ambition of many leading nations, organizations and firms, innovation is not always successful.  But the nation, organization or firm that fails to innovate loses out on many of its available benefits.  Establishing a culture of innovation means knowing what works and what does not work.  Successful innovators understand the strategies that are best for their nation and their organizations.  This is reflected in the daily news published in magazines and the popular press.

News of Innovation Awards:
'03 Innovation Award Winner (Chicago Sun Times, 2 May 04)
Recognize Innovators (Tom Kuczmarski, Chicago Sun Times, 3 May 04)
Innovation Awards 'Spark-Makers'  (Idem., 5 May 04)
Send in Nomination for Innovation Awards (Chicago Sun Times, 14 May 04)
Innovation Awards (Chicago Sun Times, 1 June 04)
International Achievement Summit (Chicago Tribune, 13 June 04)
News of Innovation Accomplished:
Motels Restyled (Travel and Leisure, August 1999)
Cultural Oases: Chinatowns (Wall St. Journal, 28 April 04)
NASA's New Direction (David H. Levy, Parade, 12 June 04)
More Hospitals Offer Alternative (Chicago Tribune, 31 May 05)
Library Set for New Chapter (Chicago Tribune, 5 June 05)
Iraqui Tribunal (Chicago Tribune, 6 June 05)
Making...Church Great Requires Change (Chicago Tribune, 10 June 05)
Innovation Keeps Candy (Industry) Alive (Chicago Sun Times, 22 June 05)
Innovation in the News:
Education Failing to Serve Econmy (Chicago Tribune, 25 April 04)
Innovation Can Preserve Our Place (Chicago Sun Times, 10 Oct. 04)
From Steam Engine to Search Engine (Wall St. Journal, 3 Nov. 04)
Adaptation, Innovation...Economy Thriving (Chicago Sun Times, 22 Feb. 05)
Pentagon in Blinders (Chicago Tribune, 5 June 05)
Mideast Poised for "Real Advances" (Chicago Sun Times, 10 June 05)

of Leadership Innovation

Growth in revenue
Growth in profits
Growth in markets
Growth in capitalization
Average margin
R&D investment 
Marketing investment
Human Rights subsidy
Patents and trademarks
Growth in brand value
Human capital growth
New product starts
Major product launch
Opinion of peer review
(Innovaro 2004)

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