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Successful Innovation: The Philosophy of Creativity

The Innovator's Mind


Reviews of Innovation in Books, CD- ROM, and Newsletters:
Philosophically, the person of the innovator is crucial to innovation, since the innovator is the "efficient cause" of innovation.  The training of the innovator relates to the philosophy of education.  The goals of the innovator touch upon the philosophy of social science, since innovation has created the new and modern world.  Those goals (final cause) of the innovator are first in the order of understanding, even though last in the order of execution.


Signals of Industry Change:      A Three Book Collection
Clayton Christensen

This collection of three books is the best and latestest thinking of Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School on the power of disruptive innovation to fuel growth in companies and industries.
Seeing What's Next: Using Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change offers a practical, three-part model that helps decision makers spot the signals of industry change, determine the outcome of competitive battles, and assess whether a firm's actions will ensure or threaten future success.
Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth reveals that innovation is not as unpredictable as most mangagers believe.
The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail demonstrates why outstanding companies lose their market leadership when confronted with disruptive technology and it expains how to avoid a similar fate.


Harvard Business School
Clayton Christensen, et al.

Strategies for Creating Innovation-Driven Growth answers questions about competitors, customers, growth, outsource, keep in-house, and right strategy.  It has 2 hours of video and audio arrainged in short segments for easy navigation.  The accompanying workbook has a full transcript, graphics, learning exercises, and discussion questions.
Finding Growth through New-Market Disruption Strategies is a 90 minute presentation about which customer segments are ready for disruptive innovation, how to create the best environment for identifying and nurturing disruptive opportunities, and what are the hurdles that prevent exploring new customer segments.
The Opportunity and Threat of Disruptive Technologies shows how seemingly benign innovations often disrupt entire industries and why industry leaders consistently lose out to upstarts, even when disruptive innovations come from industry leaders' own labs?  Prof. Christensen explains how and why these destructive patterns occur and how an organization's resources, processes and values influence its ability to respond.
Beyond the Innovator's Dilemma: Opportunities for New Growth Businesses is a 90 minute audio presentation about beating competitors, targeting customers, and aspects of the innovation process which should be outsourced.  It includes a copy of the Harvard Business Review article "Skate to Where the Money Will Be" by Christensen and Michael Raynor. 


Strategy & Innovation Newsletter
Harvard Business School Publishing
Innovation Update
Monthly News from Innovaro

Strategy & Innovation Newsletter from Clayton Christensen and his team at Harvard Business School takes you deep inside the most innovative and strategic companies today to examine what separates consistent winners from those who fall by the wayside.  You will get a frontline perspective essential for being able to find and seize the opportunities that can make the difference for your firm.  You will go beyond theory to learn how to create disruptions, rather than being destroyed by them.
Your subscription includes Innovators'  Insights, a Strategy & Innovation Newsletter exclusive analysis of real time, real world disruptions in the contemporary business landscape.  There is a fee for the newsletter, but a trial copy is free.
Innovation Update, a monthly newsletter from Innovaro, provides a wide range of information on leading-edge innovation, state-of-the-art insights, and expert advice.  This reflects the details of Innovaro's two core areas of expertise, consulting and insight.  You will also find articles, book reviews, and overviews of recent innovation research.  The newsletter is given gratis.
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