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Successful Innovation: The Philosophy of Creativity

Links to Innovation Sites


Select Links to Web Sites for Creativity:

Articles on Innovation:
Peter Andrews, sponsored by IBM, Passport for Innovation.
Dana Baldwin, of Strategic Planning, Strategies of the Innovation Process.
Borealis Group, sponsors (old technology), Innovation Process.
Vadim Kotelnikov.  Innovation Process:  Traditional and New Approaches.
Dr. Charles Prather, Bottom Line Innovation Ass.
Stephen Shapiro.  Innovation and Goal-Free Living.
Courses on Innovation:
Clayton M. Christensen, at Harvard, on Ideas the Drive Growth.
Prof. Jonathon Cummings, MIT, Managing the Innovation Process.
Charles H. Fine, et al., MIT, Driving Strategic Innovation
Government Sponsored Sites:
Update to UK Innovation Report of December 2003.
The Canadian Innovation Center provides assistance.

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Web Sites for Tools of Innovation:
Innovation, creativity, and brainstorming resources.
Innovation Management by General Ideas Software.
New Product Innovation:Strategy, Plan, Design, Development.
Innovation produced ideas processed.
IdeaBank Web Software for idea generation and management.
Practical workshop from ideas to innovation.
George Group value-based Six Sigma and Product Development.
Factiva brings 9000 souces of information for reseach.

Innovation Web Sites for Inspiration:
Tech Museum inspires innovators of the future.
Innovation Network of those committed to innovation.

Innovation Case Studies:
Explore 3M, the diversified technology company.
Annual list of global innovation leaders.

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